Sildenafil Citrate | How Viagra Works - Part 2

October 17th

Viagra is a unique sexual stimulator

Generally, if a man has first symptoms of erectile dysfunction, he tries to mask his illness from other people and even from the closest ones, who can support in any situation. But in these cases a man is strongly recommended to visit a doctor, who may prescribe Viagra.
Viagra does not help people with chronic diseases of the reproductive system, but this medicine is indispensable in the fight against erectile dysfunction of any stage.
Viagra is not only pharmaceutical preparation, which is the ideal for price and quality, but also is a unique medicine to treat various psychological problems connected with suppressed sexuality and dissatisfaction with own sexual capabilities.
Most of the men, who take sildenafil regularly, say that with the returning of sexual power and energy, their lives changed and became more important and exciting, they feel confidence, and it showed not only in bed with a wife, but also in everyday life.


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October 9th


These pills are very easy to use. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis help to solve many problems of ED, even if the reason of these problems is other diseases. These effective medicines may be taken if a man suffers from impotence of emotional or psychological nature. Levitra, Viagra and Cialis increase self-esteem of a man, as they give an opportunity to have normal sexual intercourse. The most important property of these medicines is that they do not affect on ability to have children.


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September 26th

Tips when using Viagra

Is it necessary to visit a doctor before using of Viagra?
Before using of every medicine, including Viagra, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Even if you have no obvious problems with health, your doctor may discover them. And if you suffer from chronic illness, detailed consultation with a physician is highly required! Only a doctor can give information on Viagra using and assign the correct dosage of this preparation.
It is strongly recommended to consult sex therapist, as well as internist or cardiologist. To avoid any unpleasant consequences, feel free to contact doctors with your problems. Remember, your health depends on timely doctor’s consultation too!


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September 18th

Sildenafil USA is a unique substance with useful properties

Psychological problems of many men appear as the result of impotence. Every failure leads to doubt, the development of psychological complexes and may become the reason of depression.

The invention of Viagra (active ingredient – sildenafil US) allowed many men from many countries of the world to solve their problems in intimate sphere. The uniqueness of sildenafil citrate is that its action begins when a man is experiencing real sexual arousal. Viagra causes an erection and provides not an ordinary, but a long and intensive sexual intercourse.


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  • Viagra users testimonials

    Practically every man knows that Viagra is an effective sexual stimulant. The main substance of the medicine is sildenafil that positively influences on potency and treats ED. Many men use Viagra and are satisfied with this medicine. Here you can find comments concerning of using of this preparation.

    Frank, USA
    Thanks to Viagra I returned to bright and intensive sexual life. This medicine gives me solid erection and positively influences on my libido and whole body. Effectiveness of sildenafil is high. My sexual experience confirms it clearly.

    Rolf, London
    Getting older, my erection was starting to get shorter, softer and weaker. To solve this problem I visited my physician to consult about using sexual stimulant. He prescribed me Viagra and recommended to start on a 25 mg dose. After using this medicine I had strong and long erection. Thanks to sildenafil I returned to sexual life. My physician said that in some time I will have to increase the dose to 50 mg, but now it is enough 25 mg of Viagra.

    John, Australia
    When I use Viagra I feel myself 30 years younger. I have an erection like I had when I was strong and young. My wife satisfied with my sexual opportunities and I am very pleased that I can use Viagra every time we want to have sex.

    Patrick, NY
    I was diagnosed with impotence three years ago, so my physician prescribed me to use Viagra. This sexual stimulant helped me very much. But after a month of using the dose of Viagra, prescribed by a doctor, I was not getting excellent erection. So I decided to increase my usual dose of sildenafil to 50 mg and it worked better. Blue pill can keep me satisfactorily hard and long. Viva Viagra!

    Nick, Ireland
    I have been using Viagra for 4 years and it always satisfied me. Usually I take this medicine some times a week and have never experienced side effects. Mostly it may be stuffed nose and headache. As my doctor says that alcohol is the dangerous enemy of Viagra, so when using this stimulant I avoid drinking of alcohol beverages.