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January 6th

How viagra works and its side-effects

High activity of this medicine in the sphere of treatment of sexual problems is tested by millions of men around the world. The preparation contains several substances, one of the main is sildenafil citrate. The remaining components are indirect and have no excitatory effect on erection.
Taking into the account the high concentration of active ingredient – sildenafil,  Viagra is not recommended to use for men who have not previously faced with such medicine, because according to the doctors’ recommendations, the first dose is better to minimize. You may buy viagra sildenafil, and try to start taking half a tablet. Thus, you can save your money and reduce the starting dosage.
The use of Viagra in a dosage of 150 mg may increase the influence of the side effects of sildenafil. So if a man suffers from deceases of liver, kidney, heart or blood vessels, the medicine of this dose is better not to take. Direct interactions of Viagra with these diseases have been identified, but in these situations stimulating of the process of circulation plays a big role. In general, viagra of 150 mg is recommended to use only by experienced men, who have previously used this medicine and could not  achieve the desired results with less doses of it. In any case, it is recommended to visit urologist not to have unpleasant consequences for the health.
Viagra works and recommended to be used only by men. There are special  versions of Viagra for women.  It is prohibited to use viagra sildenafil by children.
Among the side effects there are the most cases of lung ailments caused by the slight headaches, flushing of the face, dizziness. These negative effects last short period of time and are not influence on the body and health.
Taking into the account that the majority of men who decide to try Viagra of 150 milligrams, have used similar preparations, they know all side effects, that may appear during taking of viagra sildenafil. If you experience more severe reactions than usual short termed side effects, the medicine should be stopped to use. It is possible that such a concentration of sildenafil is contraindicated for you.
It is not recommended to take Viagra in conjunction with a large amount of alcohol. Alcohol has bad influence on potency; in addition, it may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
Viagra of 150 mg does not affect on the efficiency of an organism and does not need to adhere to one particular mode. Using this preparation you can live a normal life.
Effect of sildenafil is not influence on reproductive function of a man, and absolutely has no effect on sperm production. Viagra sildenafil is recommended to be taken once per a day.

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