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July 29th

Cialis is an effective way to normal sexual life

Many men of any status and age, especially after forty years, often face with sexual problems, connected with different level of erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons of this sexual decease. First of all, it is smoking, ecological problems, chronic fatigue, stress and other factors. All these aspects may cause to impotence. How to prevent or to treat this serious disease?
Fortunately, this delicate problem of many men may be solved by using Cialis. It is a modern medicine, which appeared in the market just some years ago. In our days, this sexual preparation is one of the most popular medicines for treatment of impotence. The aim of its using is to strengthen erection. Its popularity is explained by one important advantage. Its duration is 36 hours that is more than the duration of Viagra or Levitra.


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July 23rd

Cialis: how it works

To understand more clearly the effect of Cialis, let’s review the biochemical mechanism of erection’s appearance. For invention of this mechanism creators of Viagra received Nobel Prize.
Briefly, the nature of biochemical mechanism of erection is as follows: nitric oxide is to be released in the tissues of penis during sexual stimulation. It causes to creation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, this substance results to relaxation of smooth muscles of penis.
Due to action of this substance, the blood fills penis, and it causes to natural excellent erection.  Besides, it will be interesting to know that nocturnal erections are not the result of erotic dreams, but are caused of relaxation of smooth muscles in penis. However, when cyclic guanosine monophosphate penetrates into blood, organism begins to secrete enzyme PDE 5 (phosphodiesterase of 5-type). This substance begins to destroy cyclic guanosine monophosphate. After the reduction of the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate in blood, there is an outflow of blood from penis and erection disappears.


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July 12th

Viagra for women: myths and reality

Should women buy Viagra and take a blue pill, if they have problems with achieving orgasm? Does Viagra give any new feelings and emotions to a woman? Doctors tried to answer all these questions after making some big researches concerning influence of Viagra sildenafil on female organism. If you are wondering this information, please, read the following review.
Even today scientists cannot give a clear and concrete answer to the question «Should women take Viagra»? In the instructions to this well-known medicine it is clearly stated that Viagra is recommended only for men, but not for women. Nevertheless, it is known that during the research of the American Medical Association it was statistically confirmed that Viagra increases libido of women, who had to take anti-depressants, and in this regard they had difficulties with achieving orgasm.
During fundamental studies of the mechanism of Viagra), biochemists have also concluded that this medicine can works effectively in the female organism, increasing blood flow to the female genital organs, and ensuring an erection of clitoral tissue. Well, it’s not a secret that stimulation of clitoris is a direct way to the female orgasm.
Medicine approves that Viagra is particularly effective in those cases when the problem of ED is caused by physiological factor and poor blood supply to the penis. Such problems are usually caused by chronic diseases (vegetative-vascular dystonia, diabetes, etc.) or taking some medications (antidepressants, medicines that lower the pressure, etc.). But all these diseases are equally common among men and women. So, if the cause of sexual problems of women is similar to the reasons of erectile dysfunction of men, the same medicine (Viagra) should be equally effective.
Many gynecologists in the United States are guided by this principle and prescribe to women taking Viagra sildenafil). In particular, many patients say that Viagra provides more lubrication during sexual intercourse, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. But the lack of lubrication is a great problem that worries a fifth of all women and almost every woman of post menopause age, who do not want to refuse from sexual relationships with a partner.

Placebo effect
It is no secret that in some cases just a glass of water may help to treat sexual problems. It is more than a joke, because in order to recover it is enough to believe that a glass of water a real remedy that can treat ED. In this case, of course, we are talking about psychological problems, such as fear of sexual failure. Viagra sildenafil is an authoritative medicine, and in such cases its authority always works great. Woman is more suggestible than a man that is why placebo works even better if a patient is a woman. So if your girl is sure that she needs this medicine, you may buy Viagra for her and it will work by all means.

viagra sildenafil

Why Viagra does not help every woman?
Of course, Viagra) will not make a miracle and will not bring a woman to orgasm instead of rude and inattentive partner. Viagra does not replace foreplay and does not create a comfortable atmosphere for sexual intercourse. And the most important thing is that Viagra will not make a woman to want her partner. This medicine can only enhance sexual excitement; it also can increase secreted vaginal lubrication and accelerate the achievement of orgasm. Such effects of Viagra) can have only those women who have physiological causes of sexual problems.

To buy Viagra and to use it just for the experiment, it is not a good way to vary your sexual life. You must remember that Viagra is a strong medicine and taking it just for fun or curiosity may cause problems with your health.

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July 4th

Factors, which affect on weakening of potency

Male potency can be trained. If you follow tips, reviewed in this article, you do not need to buy Viagra or other sexual stimulants. It is necessary to change the style of your life and to refuse from harmful and dangerous habits to improve erection and potency.

To stop smoking!
Smoking makes blood vessels narrow. Smoking can also damage blood vessels. This situation leads to appearance of atherosclerosis – a serious decease, when blood vessels become narrow. So, blood flows through the arteries badly.
To feel an erection the vessels of penis must be wide enough for blood flow that fills erectile tissues. So, if you have serious symptoms of ED, you should refuse from smoking. If you get rid of such a habit, you will reduce the risk of having other serious diseases, for example, cardiovascular, circulatory disorders and deceases of lungs, bronchitis and urinary bladder.


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