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May 31st

Real truth and myths about Viagra

what_is_viagraSeveral decades in a row, Viagra works as a savior of man’s self-esteem, because success in sexual life is a part of happiness of every man. Viagra fulfills its task excellently! Medication properties of this preparation allow a man to forget about problems with erection and to satisfy with sexual life again and again. In our days there appeared a new, modern medicine called Levitra, it is a preparation of new generation, it works the same as well-known Viagra, but Levitra is long-lasting medicine. However, when we talk about Viagra, it is worthy to note that this medicine has many popular myths concerning its properties. Let’s find out – what is real true and what are myths.


Myth 1: Viagra generates sexual attraction

There is a big difference between the physiological process of erection and sexual attraction. Viagra does not influence on increasing of sexual attraction. The action of the medicine begins during natural sexual attraction and influences on the blood flow to the penis. Viagra does not irritate the neurons of the brain and is responsible only for the appearance of erection and its support on the proper level for some period.

Myth 2: Viagra is the most effective a medicine for erectile dysfunction treating

Erectile dysfunction can have many reasons. They are physiological causes, pathological disease, consequences of genital injuries. Psychological reason is stress. External reasons are the environment, smoking, alcoholism, poor diet. Each of these factors is to be revealed by a physician, after it the doctor will prescribe the treatment. Viagra can recover sexual power in a certain period of time, but the medicine does not work as a panacea. Therefore, before to use the preparation see your doctor to determine the dosage of medicine and to identify the causes of ED.


Myth 3: Viagra protects against sexually transmitted diseases

It is not true. Only the condom is the only strong protection against sexually transmitted diseases. So if a man takes Viagra or not, he should always remember about safer sex, his and his partner’s health.


Myth 4: Viagra is a contraceptive

Sildenafil helps man to recover erection. This is the main and the only function of this medicine. The preparation has no attitude to contraception. There are other contraceptive medicines, one of which, is  a condom.


Myth 5: Instant erection by taking Viagra

Viagra sildenafil is intended for rapid but not instant appearance of an erection. After taking the medicine it passes from 15 to 30 minutes. Intake of Viagra does not mean an instant erection – it is a very popular myth.


Myth 6: Viagra helps every man with ED

What is the reason that Viagra does not help all the men with ED? Erectile dysfunction is caused by many psychological and organic causes, as well as hormones, in particular low level of testosterone. A fifth of men, after forty years of age, suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is resulted with low level of testosterone. In such case, hormone therapy will help, but not Viagra.

25 years is an age of peak hormone level. In subsequent years the level of hormone reduces. And it is a natural process, although, as it is pointed out by many doctors, testosterone level may be an indication of illnesses: diabetes, cardiovascular disease. In such cases, the treatment of the disease is necessary.

If a man, who has problems with potency, did not feel the positive effects of Viagra, then he needs to clarify his diagnosis. It is necessary to visit a doctor to find the true cause of ED and to prescribe adequate treatment. May be it will be batter to use stronger stimulant, for example, Levitra, but anyway, you need to visit your doctor.

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May 31st

Generic Viagra or original Viagra: what is better to choose?

During the purchase of various medicines it is very often many of us have to deal with such a description of tablets like a «generic». There are many kinds of generics among the most popular medicines, including stimulants of male potency, such as Generic Viagra. Let’s get to know – what is generic and if it has the same characteristics as the original.

Many people think that generics have various harmful properties and sometimes they even  called fake medicines, which can cause damage to health. Therefore, many consumers doubt the effectiveness of such preparations. But what is doctors’ point of view about the efficiency of generics.

What is a «generic»?

Generics are medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies, which have no patent to produce them. The company gets only a short-term right to produce different kinds of medicines. Sometimes generics are to be produced without proper permits. In the description of generics few letters are to be changed, and the preparation, called similar to original, is to be patented as a new medicine and will be successfully sold on the background of already popular brand.

Obligatory condition of generic production is a complete identity of those ingredients, which are the part of the original medicine. However, such «legal fakes» are much cheaper, so they always have high demand. For example, today Generic Viagra is produced by several pharmaceutical companies, and its price is almost twice lower than the original one.


Advantages and disadvantages of Generic Viagra

First of all, Generic Viagra does not guarantee the same effect as the original medicine. The reason of it is due to the fact that the patent for Viagra means testing only the original medicine. It is assumed that the production of generic must be carried out due to the same technology, and manufacturer must be responsible for the quality of the medicine. It is difficult to say whether generics have appropriate tests, because according to the law nobody has the right to require from the pharmaceutical companies to meet these requirements.

Another feature of generics is that the technology of production may vary significantly from the technology to be used for obtaining the original preparation. This is done to reduce the cost of medicine production, to reduce energy costs and other components of production, which influence on the price of the medicine. Therefore, despite the fact that today companies, which produce generic Viagra, say about high testing results it is impossible to confirm or to deny this information.

Of course, today the price for Viagra is quite high, and in order to save money many men decide to replace the original medicine with Generic Viagra, believing that they can avoid the side effects and get an excellent result. But even the manufacturers of generics are unable to guarantee that generic is not dangerous and harmful for health. Producers explain low efficiency of generics by failure to follow instructions or individual characteristics of men who use Generic Viagra.

Of course, a man, who has problems with the potency, decides independently which medicine (generics or original) to use. But it’s much more profitable to invest your money in original Viagra and to be confident in the effectiveness of the original Viagra than to save money by buying Generic Viagra. Buying original medicine you do not risk, take care of your potency, health and sexual life. But if you think than generic will be suitable for you, do not use it without doctor’s recommendation.



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May 31st

To buy Viagra: for and against

Success in career, society and sexual life – these are three main components of successful and happy life of modern man. First two spheres of life are important for every man, but the most important sphere is, of course, sexual life, because it increases self-confidence and will result harmonious relations with women. But men’s potency requires careful treatment and specific approach, because it is sensitive to external factors and may fail at the critical moment.

Therefore, questions concerning potency, its support and recovery are very important for many men of the world, and association «potency-erection- Viagra» are very popular among men. If you decide to go for your first Viagra pill, it will be useful to know about all the pros and cons of this medicine which is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).


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May 31st

What is Cialis?

Cialis is modern and effective medicine used for treatment of different stages of erectile dysfunction. This medicine results the dilation of blood vessels of penis and enhances blood flow to it. Thank to this fact it provides long-lasting erection. Well-known medicines like Viagra and Levitra have the same effect.


History of the creation of Cialis was launched in 1992 when scientists researched properties of sildenafil citrate – it is the main ingredient of well-known Viagra. Originally it was planned to use sildenafil for treatment of heart diseases and blood vessels, but all the men, who took part in these tests, noted the strong side effect – a long-lasting erection.

Direct effect of the medicine on the cardiovascular system was insignificant. In 1996, sildenafil was patented as a medicine for treatment of ED, and 2 years later it was approved for use by the Ministry of Health of USA. From that moment the epoch of medicine treatment of erectile dysfunction was started. Many scientists think that the invention of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 is very important as invention of antibiotics and X-rays! In 1998 inventors of Viagra got Nobel Prize for their discovery.

However, soon it turned out that Viagra does not help every man, its effect is limited to 4-6 hours, and fatty foods and alcohol prevent the absorption of medicine and reduce the effect. So, scientists began to search new measures to improve erection and soon Cialis was invented. Due to the modification of the molecule that is the base of all inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5, it was created Cialis. It is stronger medicine than Viagra, its duration is 36 hours and it absorbs regardless of fatty foods and alcohol intake.

Cialis is just a «young» medicine, because it appeared on the pharmacological market in 2003. After the active ingredient of the medicine – tadalafil was approved by the EU, the medicine appeared on the markets of Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Cialis is joint development of corporation ICOS and American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. For millions of men this new medicine became a chance to find harmony in their sexual lives. The main advantage of medicine is the duration of 36 hours! This allows planning sexual life. A man may take a medicine in the morning and to have a romantic date in the evening.

As Cialis treats ED, it is recommended to limit sexual activity if you have the following diseases:

-          myocardial infarction;

-          heart failure;

-          cardiac arrhythmias, too low or too high blood pressure;

-          insult.

Cialis may lead to a drop of blood pressure, especially in combination with nitrates, poppers (non-narcotic drugs to stimulate central nervous system) and medicines for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. The drop of blood pressure is dangerous, because it may result to fainting, heart attack or insult.

Some antifungal and antiviral medicines enhance the effect of ED medicine. Antacids (medicines for reducing gastric acidity) increase the period of Cialis absorption. So if you are taking any medicines and Cialis, please, consult your doctor about the possible consequences. It especially concerns cardiac medicines and nitrates!

As there is no information about the combination of Cialis and other kinds of medicines for treatment of ED, to take them simultaneously is not recommended (including dietary supplements, because you do not know how to react components of supplement and tadalafil). As Cialis is processed by the kidneys and decomposes in the liver, it is not recommended to use this medicine if you have renal and hepatic failure.

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